What a Year 2011 Was, and What 2012 Will Bring for My Camaro

Click to view gallery of my 2010 Camaro SS at 2011 Events

Click to view gallery of my 2010 Camaro SS at 2011 Events

As you may be able to tell, there has been a lack of updates in 2011.  There was a lot of great things going on that kept me busy and kept me running.  Car shows, racing events, and general life got in the way.  So to make up for it, here is a quick recap of 2011, and then what to expect in 2012.

2011 RECAP


So, the car is coming out of storage for 2012 and here is what I have planned.

  • More product reviews!  Yeah, I love doing these and you will see a few product reviews that I will do this sumer, and there will be a decent variety.
  • New wheels?  Maybe.  I am talking with Forgeline and we are formulating ideas for something new for my car.  Stay tuned.
  • More photos of my Camaro.  Can’t have enough of them!
  • An events list of all the places I will be this year.
  • More ramblings, some unplanned mods, and possibly more.  I hope to have more updates than last year!

A couple more things for those who have read this far…

  • CamaroZ28.Com Die-Cast Series has been renamed to Camaro Enthusiast Collection.  Series IV is going to be shipping soon!  Check it out at the new online store at CamaroCollectibles.Com.  Pre-order yours today!
  • I am working on another side-project, largely for fun and otherwise as an experiment to see how well it does.  I have created a small and simple product that is half novelty, and half pretty cool.  It should be revealed sometime this May.  Keep an eye on this web site.  So far, this blog entry is the only place I have mentioned it.

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