This site is about me, Jason Debler and my 2010 Camaro plus my projects and some random thoughts  and a few other little things that aren’t big enough to grace the pages of CamaroZ28.Com.


I live in the Detroit area with my wife and son.  I am really just your average car guy, but I am proud to be also the the following:

  • One of the two original co-founders of CamaroZ28.Com, the largest and longest running all-Camaro community online.
  • One of the 12 (15) 2010 Chevrolet Camaro Focus Group Members (aka “Disciples”).
  • Podcast personality – Catch the CamaroZ28.Com Podcast every Monday on iTunes!
  • The current owner of a 2010 Camaro SS SEMA show car (featured on this site).
  • The former owner of a 2002 Camaro SS GM High-Tech Performance feature car.
  • Designer and producer of the CamaroZ28.Com Die-Cast Camaro Series.
  • Manufacturer of SmoothLocks, the popular little exterior accessory that makes a big difference!
  • More projects are in development, pending, in their infancy, or just a thought floating around in my head.

So as you can see, I am a pretty busy guy.  I rather enjoy it that way.


It started with my first Camaro, a 1996 Camaro SS. It was black and after I had the windows tinted, I noticed the car looked somewhat sinister. I just immediately thought “Phantom SS” and it stuck. Shortly after that, I had my car’s license plate personalized to say “PHNTMSS”. To add to the effect, in 1998 I swapped out the red trimmed SS badges with grey outlined set.  Looked killer.

With the purchase of my 2002 Camaro SS (sold), I continued my personal Camaro tradition. It was black, had tinted windows and grey outlined SS badges. Of course, the license plate still said PHNTMSS until the day I sold it. I didn’t stop there, I really made that car into something special and it even graced the pages of GM High Tech Performance.


Now that the Camaro is back, I plan to make my 2010 Camaro one of the baddest out there.  That’s mainly what this site is for.  Oh yeah, I might throw out some random weirdness.

If you want to know more about me, just ask.