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How to Install Sequential Turn Signals on a 2010 Camaro

I picked up a 2010 Camaro Sequential Turn Signal Kit from Afterthoughts Auto.  Once I started to read the installation instructions, I thought it would make a cool video.  Check it out!

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SEMA 2009 Film Features my 2010 Camaro SS!

In case you missed it when it was originally released, it definitely needs to be seen! From director and film producer Casey J. Porter comes his SEMA 2009 film. At 45 seconds in, you will see a brief interview with me regarding my 2010 Camaro SS project. The rest of the video is damn good as well!

More Audio of my 2010 Camaro Borla Exhaust System

In my previous entries I posted some videos showing my car getting loaded to go to SEMA and then another one of it being unloaded.  In the video, you can hear the exhaust in parts.  This drew many requests for me to get more audio of what a full Borla exhaust system sounds on a 2010 Camaro SS.

Your wish is my command.

2010 Camaro SS Project – Back From SEMA with Video and Photo Gallery

In a previous entry, I posted a video showing my car getting loaded up on a Wednesday to go to SEMA just hours after I had finished getting it ready. The next time I saw my car was the following Monday in the Central Hall of the SEMA show, nearly all the way across the country from me.  Here is the video of it being returned to me.

Many of you might be wondering why I had previously mentioned that it would be in the Nitto Tire display but was moved to the different location. The answer to that is that space is always at a premium at SEMA and Nitto wanted to ensure that my car will still visible. So, it got moved to Central Hall, just a minute’s walk behind the Chevrolet display, right in between the Forza Motorsport 3 interactive center and one of the awesome new Lingenfelter L28 Camaros. Not a bad spot at all.

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2010 Camaro SS Project – On The Way to SEMA, Far From Completed

What a blur…
The last few weeks seemed to pass like minutes. I have been so busy with my day job and then working on my SEMA project that I have had no time to make updates so I will do it all in this entry.  Consider this 2010 Camaro SEMA Project – Phase 3, 4, and 5.
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