6 . 9 . 03

Summer is here!

Well…close enough.  In celebration of summer getting here (or whatever), I have put up a minor addition:
(Outdated link removed, screen shot below)

3 . 17 . 03

Spring rocks.

Along with the beginning of a great new season, I finally put my domain name to good use.  This site will now always be at PhantomSS.Com.  So, for the three or four of you who will read this that came here entirely by mistake, please bookmark it.

BTW, I have some great wheels and tires for sale.  🙂

1 . X . 03

Winter sucks.

Well, the Simmons wheels didn’t work out so well with the lowering springs, I am extremely sorry to say. They were far too wide and had way too much rubber on them and rubbed when I turned. That is what I get for not doing the math. So for now, I am going with a set of Z06 wheels. It will still look bad ass. More to come…

9 . 4 . 02

Over the past weekend, I swapped out the red-trimmed SS badges for grey trimmed versions.  I did this on my ’96 Camaro SS and like the look much better.

I also installed a set of Simmons F-Series wheels.  They are 17 inches in diamer, and 9 1/2 inches wide in the front and 10 1/2 inches in the back.  With BFGoodrich Drag Radials on the back, the rear tread is about a foot wide.  Looks like steamrollers.  The look killer, but now I have to wait until my DMS springsarrive to lower the car just a bit.  Couple that with a BMR suspension, and I will be almost ready for Bowling Green.  Pictures to come sooner or later.

8 . 26 . 02

Well, I picked up my car from the dealership.  Let the modding begin…