12 . 23 . 03

Limited Edition PhantomSS.Com Jones Soda – SOLD OUT!

I had Jones Soda Co. custom make a case of their soda with a cool picture of my car on it.  There were only 12 made and they are now all sold out.  Click the image to the left to see what you missed out on.
I may make something else unique about my car and/or this site in the future, so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be notified by e-mail if I do!

11 . 29 . 03

Once again, winter sucks.

Not much to update since the car is in storage for the rotten Michigan winter.  I am, however, working on a few new things.

SmoothLock sales were very good over the past few months thanks to word of mouth.  Due to popular demand, there are plans to make a complete kit for both doors and trunk for f-bodies.  The trunk size is widely universal, so it will fit on more cars.  I will post updates if things happen.

Finally I want to drop a hint about something else I am working on.  If you like my car and you like this site, I strongly suggest that you make sure you keep about $12 in your PayPal account for a chance to own a very unique and very limited collectible.  More details will be posted in about three weeks.  Be ready!

8 . 5 . 03

I just added the HTML version of my Camaro’s window sticker.  It has been slightly edited but for the most part it is exactly the way it was presented to me when I found my car on GMBuyPower.Com.

Click here to view it!

7 . 10 . 03

Order your SMOOTHLOCKtm set today!  They kick ass!

7 . 8 . 03

Lots of stuff to add, I have been behind a little bit.

Got my Jet-Hot headers installed a couple of weeks ago and got an increase from 317 to 331 rear-wheel horsepower!  See the post about it here with more details and links to before and after dyno videos.

Camaro Superfest was last weekend, and I am proud to say that I took first place in the 1998-2002 Street class, which was the largest class of the show.  Special thanks to my wife, I couldn’t have done it without you.  Also thanks to the Frezza family and the Shorey Family for putting up with me all weekend.

People have said there are not enough pics of my car on this site.  Well, they are right.  I need to take some good pics of my car.  Until then, check out this killer pic of my car…

…taken by Leslie Frezza on the way to Superfest.  It is the most current, and definitely one of the best.