Saying Goodbye to My 2010 Camaro SS

I must be like my Dad. He would build an already cool car into something really awesome, and then sell it and move onto the next project. I guess I am just becoming a chip off the ol’ block.

My last image of my 2010 Camaro SS

After taking a stock Camaro SS and turning it into a SEMA show car, a great parking lot show car, and an awesome weekend cruiser, I recently considered selling it and moving onto something new. I posted it on a couple of sites but didn’t really work a hard sale. I didn’t need to sell it.

Eventually, someone in Canada found the listing. It was exactly what he was looking for so he flew in, looked it over for a few minutes and shook my hand, saying that it was everything I said it was and he would take it. After we finished the sale and all of the paperwork was signed, I took my new friend to dinner to help him celebrate his new machine. Naturally, we drove my “old” Camaro. After we parked in the back of the parking lot, I turned around and took one last image of it with my phone (which I have posted above). It never looked better.

After dinner, I watched the new buyer drive away with what was once my Camaro.

As I watched my car roll away, viewing it in a way I never saw before, it was certainly bittersweet. It was like when you break up with a girlfriend or boyfriend, and in the next minute they somehow look better than they ever did. I could tell the new owner was very happy as he gently drove it away, and that helped ease the pain.

This whole process wasn’t easy, but it was the right time for me personally.

The next day, I went to the 21st annual Camaro Superfest to see my old friends, some that I only see at that show. I am typically there every year with my Camaro, shining it up and working hard toward another 1st place award, but not this time. People naturally asked me where my car was parked and I found myself being sheepish about the answer. Then they would inevitably ask, “What are you going to do now?”.

To be honest, I don’t really know. I have been doing the “Camaro thing” for the better part of over 16 years. Every spring it is getting ready, every summer it is keeping it tight, every fall is it putting it away, and every winter it is waiting for the spring again.

I think I am just going to take a break. I will still be as much of a Camaro enthusiast as always. I will continue to volunteer to be on the Camaro Consumer Advisory Board (one of the “Disciples”). I will still volunteer to admin CamaroZ28.Com. I will still do the weekly CamaroZ28.Com Podcast with Chris Frezza. But…for now…I think I will keep an open slot in my garage. Maybe I will find that perfect 1992 Camaro Z28 that I have been searching for. Maybe I will find another 5th gen to play with. Or maybe I will hold off for a while longer and see what the 6th generation Camaro brings. Then again, I might do something really weird that I haven’t even thought of yet. I will just keep my options open, and when the time is right for a new project, I will know.

For now, I have some existing projects that will keep me busy.

Plus, I want to spend a bit more time with my friends and family, something that I haven’t done as much as I should have.

I have to offer some special thanks as well to the following:

I will still be updating this site here and there with new entries about who-knows-what (and when I do, please feel free to share accordingly), but it won’t be very frequent until I have a new project. For all I know, I will have to build a new site for whatever that project may be. Time will tell, and that is a good thing. I have found that life is better when you have something to look forward to, even if you don’t know what it is yet.

Thanks for reading.  See you at the car shows.


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