End of Summer 2010 Camaro Recap

Click to view gallery of my 2010 Camaro SS at Superfest

Click to view gallery of my 2010 Camaro SS at Superfest

Well my friends, another summer is over.  Time to start preparing to put the Phantom SS away for another bitter cold Michigan winter.

I wanted to take the time to cover highlights that have happened in the past year, in addition to being featured at SEMA 2009.

The car was taken to a few key shows which helped me to make a lot of new friends.  I am proud of the following car show accomplishments:

In addition, it was featured in a couple of other places.

  • I always keep a variety of flashlights on hand.  The more of them you keep around, the more you find them useful.  One of my favorite handy flashlights is the 12vSpotLight.  They chose my Camaro to be their Car Spotlight for  September 2010.  I even managed to give some credit to my sponsors…

I want to give shout out to: CamaroZ28.Com, Ton Henry Racing, Pedders Suspension, HotPart.Com, Nitto Tire, Forgeline Wheels, CarsByKris, Vector Motorsports, Borla Exhaust, Empire Seven Clothing Co., SmoothLock Door Lock Covers”

There will be a few more small updates as time goes on, but only to tide me over until the car comes back out of storage in the spring of 2011.  So until then, thank you for reading, writing and saying hello to me at the shows!

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